It's incredible to think that with just a hook and some balls of yarn we are able to create such intricate peices of clothing. When you think of crochet, it is likely that images of winter attire might pop in mind, but contrary to popular belief there are so many other types of pretty and comfortable clothes you could make like summer desses and shawls.

When you're looking into making a clothing peice the pattern and type of yarn are very important decicions to consider for your preparations. Following a pattern is very important, especially when it comes to what yarn to use. Even so, it's important for you to check the yarn beforehand yourself to make sure that you like it against your skin and that it's washable. For testing the yarn you can always try the "cheek test" to make sure it's not too rough for you.

Generally, the most softest and washable yarns are 100% cotton and 100% wool, which make them great choices for clothing. You may find more color choices with acrylic yarns, but they tend to be a bit more sturdy, making them rougher for the skin and less washable. The choice for yarn will also largely depend on what type of clothing you'll be making. For a summer option you'd want something lighter and with no fuzz, making a thinner weighted cotton yarn a great option.

Sport weighted yarn is usually best for baby clothes, light shawls, and summer outfits, while medium worsted yarn is best for sweaters, scarfs and other winter attire.

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